to HEEMP - Hungarian Estonian Massive Progress!

III. HEEMP Hungarian Filmdays in Tartu


2005 November 18-19-20th.
Local: Rotalia Korporatsioon House, Tartu (Tähe tn.)

This year we start a series: from now on, each year we would like to introduce a young or maybe older, but definitely talented Hungarian director. We plan to screen possibly all of her/his films to the Esonian audiance.

The series starts with our featured director, Kornél Munduczó.

BeEest - Estonian Invasion in Budapest


BeEST in Budapest
Estonian Contemporary Culture Nights in Budapest

September 19-21. 2005
In the Culturefactory Tüzraktár, X. Tuzoltó st. 54-56

Visual Arts: Massive videoexhibition + screeningprogramms + performance “Give Hate a Chance”

Music: Live concerts by electronmusicians

Literature: Live texts readings by poets

Starring: Avangard, Marianne Männi, Kaarel Sammet, Jan Kaus, Triin Soomets, Aivar Tõnso, Muschraum, Joel Tammik, MoKS (Mooste Guest Studio), Non Grata, Rubensid, Estonian Academy of Arts etc.

Again Estonian - Norwegian Filmclub


(Every Tuesday after sunset)

After a long break, we continue our Estonian-Norwegian Filmclub at Szimpla Kertmozi (Kazinczy u. 14).

Since the spring is here, and days are really very looong, we've changed the starting time for the Tuesday's filmklub.

May 17, Tuesday, 20.40h:
Villmark (Dark Woods)
D: Pal Oie (Experimental horror, Norway 2003, 84 min)

The crew of the TV show "Real TV" with controlling boss Gunnar on the front line
will soon begin production of a reality show for which participants are selected
to survive in the wilderness. Gunnar has gathered a production team of four
people: The friends Lasse and Per, the Swedish girl Elin and a new girl Sara.
To test his new employees, Gunnar takes them to a log cabin where he used to
spend summers as a kid. The cabin is located far away from civilisation, hidden
in the dark, mysterious woods. The team has to make it through a weekend,
finding food that nature has to offer, and neither cellular phones nor
cigarettes are allowed. When Lasse and Per find a dead body in a lake near the
cottage, the group is being tested. Gunnar is suggesting that they should
continue the weekend without mentioning anything to Sara and Elin about what
they found. But soon the team experiences some escalating incidents which lead 
to paranoia, accusations and mistrust. (www.imdb.com)

The starting times may change a little bit because they depend on the time of sunset...
All the films are subtitled in English.

Estonian and Norwegian Movies are presented in a rotation of two weeks. (We present an Estonian movie in a week, and then a Norwegian one on the next, etc...)

II. HEEMP Hungarian Filmdays in Tartu

Again HEEMP Hungarian Filmdays in Tartu (Estonia) 12th-14th November.

HEEMP Estonian-Norwegian Filmclub


CANCELLED THIS WEEK (2nd December)!!! - come to ANIFEST2 - European Festival of Animation films at the cinema Uránia

On Friday and Saturday: PRIIT PÄRN retrospective
Our Estonia-Norwegian Filmclub started at the Szimplakert (Budapest, VII. Kazinczy u. 14.) It is a wintergarden now - open all winter long! Every Thursday at 8 pm.

HEEMP Enamel Art Camp on Muhu Island

22nd-29th August 2004. Photos about our camp on Muhu Island can be found in the galery!
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